“Getting involved with other Young Adults has helped me get more active in the life of the church.”     – Trinity member            
Young Adults are a growing and vital part of what God is doing at Trinity.  We have many opportunities for younger adults to grow in connecting with others, grow in their relationship with God, and grow in service.
At Trinity we understand that the young adult years can be a confusing time. Everywhere from, “what classes do I take next semester of college” to “we’re getting married” to “is it time to have our 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd child”! What a vast difference in life stages! Because of this the church has always had a tough time at developing a program that can reach the young adult age group.
If you have questions about opportunities to connect with other younger adults
and grow, or ideas for new groups or ministries please contact Sam Needham at 294-7602 or [email me]