2016 Trinity Scholarship Application is now available.
All applications are due by May 27th!
 The Trinity Foundation was established in 1953 to encourage and administer charitable gifts to Trinity United Methodist Church.
     Recent Trinity Foundation Grants Include:
2016 Grants
– Associate Pastor Mission Trip to Guatemala
– Creative Arts Camp – Fully fund 2016 free summer camp for children
– Seed money to establish new “Pay it Forward Funeral Fund”
– Parsonage Kitchen remodel project
2015 Grants
– Creative Arts Camp – Fully fund our free summer camp for 170 + children
– RADC dishwasher and garbage disposal purchase and installation
– Dinner Costs for hosting Memorial H. S. Christmas Choir Concert
– Asphalt and re-stripe parking lot
– June Deal, Holcomb Family, and L. Craig Fulmer College Scholarships
– Redbook Shelf Grant for 1000 children’s books at public offices
– Trinity Preschool Tuition Scholarships
2014 Grants
– Creative Arts Camp – Supplies for our free summer camp for 160 + children
– Piano Quartet
– Refurbish White Chapel Hand bells
– June Deal, Holcomb Family and L. Craig Fulmer College Scholarships
– Ministerial Education Grant
– Assist with Fellowship Hall, Chapel & Narthex HVAC replacements
If you are interested in supporting the spiritual and philanthropic
work of our church as part of your lifelong financial stewardship, we encourage you to call the church office at (574) 294-7602
The purpose of the Trinity Foundation is:
To encourage Trinity United Methodist
Church members and friends to exercise
creative giving with their accumulated
assets as part of lifelong financial
To promote estate, end-of-life and planned giving among church members
To provide counsel and assistance to members and friends in making their gifts and
To support the spiritual and philanthropic work of the church.

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The English evangelical clergyman, spiritual
leader and writer John Wesley (1703-1791)
founded Methodism. The Wesley Society
was established in his name for supporters
of Trinity UMC who include the Trinity
Foundation in their long-range financial
plans. By doing so, they may find tax
advantages to increase the value of their
estate, enabling them to do more than they
dreamed possible. The Society lists the
names of those who have informed us of
planned gifts for the purpose of encouraging
others while some members choose to keep
their decision confidential.