What is the new Sunday Schedule? 

 9:00 a.m. Classic Worship
         Kids in Worship, Childcare provided for birth – up to kindergarten
 9:30 a.m. Youth (Middle School & High School)

10:00 a.m. Adult Connection Groups 
10:30 a.m. Modern Worship / Kids’ Church
         Check-in available 15 minutes before the start of Kids’ Church 


When will this change go into effect? 

The new Sunday schedule will start on the first Sunday in June, with a soft launch during the summer. We will make adjustments in the summer as needed and plan for a full kickoff in the fall. 


Why the change? 

Families with young children tell us that they don’t get fed in worship when their kids are with them. They would prefer an alternative church experience for their kids so they can better focus on the service. 

Our own studies show a dramatic decline in attendance over the past 3 years in the Sunday Kids’ Groups with our current schedule. 

Churches in the local area (and beyond) that successfully minister to families with young children offer an experience for kids at the same time as the main worship service.  


What if I prefer to have my kids with me in worship? 

Kids are ALWAYS welcome in worship, and we firmly believe in finding ways to help kids understand and participate in larger worship settings. We will continue to offer ways that Kids’ Church will participate in main worship, whether it be a once-a-month kids-oriented service or a 5th Sunday special service. Most weeks the Classic Worship service will offer a Kids’ Message, and there will always be Kids in Worship with childcare provided for birth up to kindergarten. The Kids’ Church experience will take place during the Modern Worship service only and is optional for all kids based on family preference. 


What about Sunday Adult Connection Groups? 

We strongly support and value our Sunday Connection Groups and encourage them to meet at any time during the Sunday schedule, as convenient for them. Those groups who regularly attend the first service are welcome to meet from 10-11 a.m. (or as best fit). For those who attend the second service, you’re welcome to meet either before or after the second service. If you have a mixture of participants, you can decide what time works best for you. 

As for new group formation, many of our small group efforts will take place outside of the Sunday schedule, such as our Wednesday Night connection groups and our G9 Dinner Groups. These groups have alternative programming for kids that run concurrently. 

What if we need childcare?
The option to have a child’s play experience is being considered from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.


Are there enough volunteers? What if I want to help? 

Volunteers are vital to leadership and all ministry areas, but they are the not the driving force
behind this change. We currently have a core group of dedicated volunteers in kids’ ministry, and we plan to expand this group as we grow the ministry area and as we introduce Kids’ Church.

Consistency is key to children’s ministry, so we like to schedule Sunday leaders at least once or twice a month to help relationship development. We currently have excellent teams but are always looking for people with a passion for kids. If you’d like to be part of the Kids’ Ministry Sunday team, please contact Lori Grasty or Michelle Beyler. 


What will Kids’ Church look like? 

Kids’ Church will be a large group small/group schedule that will allow kids time to worship and time for small groups. We believe this to be an effective way to engage a wide variety of kids, as well as model church discipleship. Starting at a young age, we will introduce the value of a large group worship and small group fellowship. We intend to use the Gym as the large group space for worship and classrooms for engaging Bible-based leaning, exploration of music and arts, and fellowship time. 


Can our Adult Group meet at 11:30? 

Yes! 11:30 is a prime time to connect, and we look forward to this opportunity opening up. We do not currently have childcare scheduled for this time, but having the soft summer launch allows us to evaluate the use of this connection time and opportunity. Maybe lunchtime groups will emerge from this? 


Why change to 9:00 a.m. instead of 8:45 a.m.? 

A 9:00 worship time is both easier to remember and more inviting to families who might be discouraged by something that starts in the 8:00 hour. This later start time also creates a more condensed Sunday Schedule and provides a greater overlap between our two services, which allows for more fellowship time. It allows us to connect on Sundays as one church!


How are you going to keep the service to 1 hour? 

This will be a challenge, but much effort will be dedicated to worship flow and transition times. We are committed to offering a quality experience of worship through music, prayer, and sermons within that time frame. Many of our current services actually do take place in 1 hour period of time. 


I still have questions … 

Please let us know! You matter to us. Much time, prayer, and thought have gone into this transition. We know change is hard, and we want to know how we can work together to provide the best experience for our church and our larger community.