The Sacrament of Christian Baptism is a powerful moment where God’s grace in Christ is poured into us, and we become a part of the Christian faith community. Paul says it is like dying to sin/death, and rising to a new life in Christ. The early Christians used to be given a new, Christian name at their baptism to signify their new identity in Christ.


Baptism in the United Methodist Church
     -We baptize both adults and children.
     -We baptize by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.
     -Baptism is something God does, through the church,
       and doesn’t need to be “re-done”.
     -Our baptism never “wears off”. The Bible talks about “one Lord, one faith,
       one baptism”. Being “re-baptized”  makes about as much sense as visiting an
       office in the courthouse and going through the paperwork to change your name
       to the name you already have!

Baptism at Trinity
     When individuals come to us wanting to be baptized or to have their children baptized, we talk with them about the meaning of the vows. If they are not active in the church, we encourage them to become active in worship and study before being baptized. Since candidates for baptism publicly repent of their sins and profess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we believe it is important for those persons to be an active part of the worshipping Christian community.


For more information, contact the Trinity Church office (574) 294-7602.


     We invite those interested in joining or learning more about Trinity to contact the church office. During this introductory class, you will learn about life at Trinity. This class explores some of the basic beliefs & history of the United Methodist Church, as well as information on what makes Trinity different.